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Sheffield's 'Breaking Out' Dance Project

This project is brought to you by the 'Sheffield Schools Get Active Group' which comprises Points Learning Network, the other three School Sports Partnerships and the 4 SGOs across Sheffield.

When Will The project Take Place?

The project which is taking place across the whole of Sheffield will start after Easter and last for 6 weeks, with the final week intended as a performance week.

How Will The Project Work?

We have commissioned dance specialist Charlie Armitage to record 5 creative dance lessons. Charlie is a highly experienced dance practitioner who has won numerous awards for her amazing work including 'Inspirational Community Dance Practitioner' (National Awards 2020, One Dance UK). Each lesson involves a warm-up, creative tasks and a cool down. All the teacher has to do is pause the video when Charlie tells you and then work with the class, before restarting the video for the next part. You can even rewind if you need to listen to a particular part again!

At the end of the 5 weeks the final lesson will involve the teacher practising the dance for a short period, before performing either to an audience (if permitted) or videoing / photographing the final dance.


What Is The Theme Of The Dance Project?

The theme of the project is 'Breaking Out' which can be interpreted any way a class teacher desires. It could relate to new growth in spring, breaking out from the constraints of the lock down or just the feeling of being able to get out more as the days get longer as summer approaches. It's completely up to you!


Which Age Groups Is it Suitable For?

This project can be carried out at both KS1 and KS2, you may just have to adjust how much support is given depending on age group.

Want to get involved? Please contact us here.

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